Super Levee Urban Farm Proposal – An Update

Following their award of the ONE Prize in 2011, partners Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller of AGENCY showcased their winning project, Super Levee Urban Farm, in the publication My Green City | Back to Nature with Attitude and Style (Gestalten, 2011) and at Barcelona’s eme3 International Architecture Festival and in Made Up: Design’s Fictions at the Art Center College of Design in California. In 2011, the duo were selected as one of ARCHITECT Magazine’s Emerging Talents and also were awarded the 2010-2011 Rome Prize in Architecture from the American Academy in Rome.

At the heart of Super Levee Urban Farm is a global system of levees which amounts to a sequence of ecologies that feed into each other. Clippings, compost, and surplus crops from farming levels are used as nutrients and food for fish farms, marshes and restorative dune ecologies. Waste from marine life and nutrients from algal habitats are then used to fertilize farm levels, making the levee a complete ecology.


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