Kids (actually) Farming in the City – A Success Story

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Eighty green beds later, our utopian-eyed finalist from 2010 is getting ready to open its rooftop farm this September. Kids Farming in the City (a.k.a. The Fifth Street Farm), is an edible garden perched across the roofs of three East Village schools, P.S. 64, the Tompkins Square Middle School and the Earth School. The raised deck will be programmed into the curricula of the pre-kindergarden to eighth grade students who will utilize it. Providing both food for stomach and thought, the farm will be used for growing produce for the schools’ cafeteria and classroom cooking, for a sensory garden, as well as for theme-based gardens such as Native American agriculture, nutrition and sustainability.

The project is by Michael Arad, Earth School parent as well as designer of the World Trade Center Memorial, “Reflecting Absence” which saw its millionth visitor within months of its opening. Arad also chaired the jury of the prestigious New York City AIDS Memorial Park Design Competition last year.


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