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April 25, 2012

Check out the ONE Prize 2012 Promotional Video!


TransTrans Global Summit 4/26

April 23, 2012

TransTrans Global Summit 4/26

Water Transportation
$5 gas and record temperatures may make transportation innovation this summer’s hot topic.  Even minor climate change could render much of NYC’s subway network useless.  However, NYC has a powerful alternative – its blue network of waterways.  Join Terreform ONE Co-President Maria Aiolova and an expert panel and discuss ONE PRIZE 2011: Water as the Sixth Borough and the potential for water transportation innovation.

Panelists include:
·         Helena Durst, VP of the Durst Organization
·         Roland Lewis, CEO of Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
·         Alexandro Washburn, Chief Urban Designer, NYC DCP

Visit for the full agenda.

We announce ONE Prize 2012: BLIGHT TO MIGHT

April 18, 2012

The 2012 ONE Prize competition is calling on individuals of all backgrounds to activate the socially, economically, and ecologically regenerative possibilities of design. Situated in the context of a struggling U.S. economy and the tension of stagnant unemployment, ONE Prize 2012 is predicated on the idea that design can be a vehicle for positive social change, collaborative action, and economic growth.

Can we rework the skeletons of 20th century manufacturing for 21st century innovation?
Can former plants in Detroit become greenhouses, schools, theaters?
Can mill towns be revamped as digital fabrication hubs?
Can vacant parking lots become farms or parks?
Can abandoned strip malls be reinvented?
Can we reboot the American economy?

Find out more and submit your ideas here: